Laser Tattoo Removal

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Just as the sun is absorbed quickly into dark colors, the light of a laser is absorbed into the ink of a tattoo. There it shatters the ink into microscopic particles that are then absorbed by and broken down by the body. There are several wavelengths of energy that are utilized to treat various colors in a tattoo.


What laser system is used at Atalla Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Atalla has found that the state-of-the-art Medlite and Revlite lasers, made by HOYA ConBio are extremely effective at removing even colorful tattoos. These Q-switched devices are considered the gold standard in the industry.


Innovative Technology Removes Tattoos, Unwanted Pigment and Rejuvenates Skin


RevLite® Provides Effective Treatments for Popular Aesthetic Indications


A laser that can safely remove tattoos, unwanted brown spots and rejuvenate skin is finally here, making it easier to uncover your skin’s natural beauty. Dr. Atalla has recently added the RevLite laser to his practice to address a variety of patient needs.


The RevLite Laser system acts by emitting a powerful beam of specialized light that targets the pigments in the tattoo, age spots and promotes collagen remodeling without harming the surrounding skin, The results with this laser are excellent.


One of the most outstanding features of this laser is its ability to be used in such a wide variety of applications. This unique laser enables us to treat all skin types with effective results. For laser tattoo removal, the RevLite can remove red and black inks, as well as difficult colors like sky blue and green..


This laser will allow us to help patients look and feel better. For more information on the RevLite system and our other offerings, or to schedule a consultation, please call us at 270-843-6697.


Revlite Tattoo Removal for Black and Multi-Colored Tattoos


{Permanent Designs Made Temporary by Revolutionary Technology}

  • The most advanced laser available for tattoo reversal
  • Eliminates tattoos precisely without harming surrounding skin
  • Quick, comfortable treatments for all skin types


Revlite— The most advanced laser for removing Black and Multi-Colored Tattoos


Most lasers have at least two wavelengths to target dark blue, black and red inks. The RevLite features four wavelengths to target a wide range of colors, from blue, black and red, to orange and purple, and even difficult-to-teat green and sky blue.

Tattoo Reversal made Safe and Effective

Tattoo removal once meant gambling low odds of success on a high risk of scarring and pain. Tattoos are designed to last forever, but as more and more people seek reversal of these deeply embedded ink deposits, technology too has kept pace with improved methods of safety and efficacy. The most advanced technolog comes in the form of Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers using PhotoAcoustic Technology which safely penetrate the skin and target each tattoo ink color with specific wavelengths, causing tattoos to gradually fade during a course of 5 to 15 treatment sessions.

What to Expect

With the RevLite laser, you’re getting the most advanced technology to safely remove tattoos with maximum success and comfort. As the light energy gently vibrates BeforeAfterAfterAfterBeforeBeforeand shatters the tattoo ink into easily eliminated micro-particles, the short pulses feel similar to snaps of small rubber bands, followed by a warm sensation. A temporary whitening will follow the first teatment; over time, the tattoo particles will fade through the lymphatic system and the skin will return to its natural color. Dark blue, black and red inks offer highest degree of success, followed by orange and purple; green and sky blue may require additional treatments for significant fading. Tattoo treatment ranges from 5 to 15 sessions.

Get Started Now!

RevLite treatment professionals are trained to assess tattoos and will schedule a treatment series that works for you. Call the office today to begin your RevLite treatment program. 270-843-6697

Before & After Photos

Before (photo by: Bruce Saal)

After (photo by: Bruce Saal)

Before (photo by: Dr.Rish)

After (photo by: Dr.Rish)

Commonly Asked Questions about Tattoo Removal

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