breast revision

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Breast revision surgery involves switching out old implants for new ones in order to improve the overall contour and appearance of the breasts. The revision may include updating the implant material, performing a concurrent lift or reduction, reshaping the implant pocket to reposition the implant, and changing the implant size, shape or style.

Over time, breast implants can change size or shape, and the overlying tissue can also change causing a woman to desire a revision.  Most women undergo this procedure for a variety of reasons including a desire to change the size of the breasts, the presence of a capsular contraction, evidence of a ruptured implant or to change out the material of the implants.  Although this is not a routine procedure, women who undergo this procedure typically do so around ten years post-augmentation.

Depending on the required procedures to obtain optimal results, Dr. Atalla may perform this procedure in the office setting under self-administered nitrous-oxide and local anesthesia or in the operating room under general anesthesia. Details of the procedure, expectations, and goals are all discussed prior to the surgery at consultation.