Atalla Plastic Surgery | Skin + Laser holds a BLACK DIAMOND status with HydraFacial, an honor given to the TOP HydraFacial practices in the world.


What is Hydrafacial?


Hydrafacial utilizes a unique, patented three-step process to exfoliate the skin, cleanse it of impurities, and then enrich the skin with antioxidants and moisture. This advanced treatment is designed to hydrate the skin and promote health cell turnover, reducing signs of age, improving skin tone, and addressing a range of skin concerns.

Hydrafacial is known for its ability to provide a quick, virtually painless treatment with no downtime following the procedure.


Hydrafacial can do it all. Our exclusive boosters (aka concentrated formulas packed with active ingredients) are the secret to ultimate personalization. You’ll work with your Hydrafacialist to choose the right ones for you based on your specific concerns.

What are the Benefits of Hydrafacial?


Hydrafacial offers numerous benefits that can provide comprehensive skin rejuvenation. Other advantages also include:

  • Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduction in clogged and enlarged pores
  • Improvement of oily skin
  • Improvement of areas affected by acne
  • Smoother skin and even skin tone

Hydrafacial can also be utilized on all skin types.  The treatment can be performed for facial rejuvenation, as well as neck and décolleté.

What does the Hydrafacial Procedure Involve?


The Hydrafacial begins with the gentle application of a small, handheld device all along the treatment area. This wand will gradually vacuum irritants, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. The next step is the deliverance of a serum composed of hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, peptides, and antioxidants that can effectively hydrate and moisturize the skin. HydraFacial serums are customizable; our aestheticians will select a serum that works best for your skin type to achieve your desired goals.

The entire Hydrafacial treatment typically takes only about 30-40 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the treatment area and the extent of the concerns being addresses. Our practice also offers add-on services that can be added to your HydraFacial experience.

What is the Hydrafacial Recovery Process?

Patients need no recovery time and are able to resume their daily routine immediately following their treatment. The skin may be a bit tight after the procedure with some mild redness, but these effects will dissipate quickly.
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