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Profound is Your Skin Tightening Solution

As the body ages and metabolism slows, effects can be easily seen on skin from head to toe. Levels of collagen and elastin break down, causing skin to lose thickness. The loss of these components is evident in skin’s appearance. We see new dryness, wrinkles, cellulite, and sagginess in the skin that doesn’t recover. While age-induced change in skin is inevitable, sometimes factors in our environment can also cause premature loss of elasticity, tone, and fullness. Heredity, free radicals, and lifestyle factors including stress, diet, and sun and smoke exposure affect oxygen molecules in our skin. This speeding up of aging tends to first appear as early as our 30s when we begin to see lines and wrinkles, as well as skin that is looser on different areas of the body. Great skin care is available, but for something more than a topical routine, you may consider an option that will not only repair damaged skin quickly, but also maintain the skin’s natural youthful components. If you’re looking for the best skin-tightening treatment without the commitment of surgery, Profound Contour + Lift is right for you. Profound therapy offers skin firming and contouring with its revolutionary radio frequency microneedling technology to target specific areas and stimulate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which helps skin retain its moisture. Energy-based Profound rf microneedling targets multiple areas of the body including face, jawline, and neck, as well as stomach, arms, and legs. Profound can be utilized by your specialist to provide non-surgical skin-tightening solutions such as cellulite removal, face and neck tightening, and allover natural skin firming. With Profound, you have the option to tighten loose skin under arms and around the stomach and knees. The deep SubQ tool allows us to contour your chin and tighten neck skin by thermally destroying fat cells. Profound offers natural skin tightening for both men and women, because it actually creates elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid – skin’s three most important characteristics in keeping it supple and hydrated. Profound’s non-surgical cellulite treatment can even be used to target areas on legs and provide a knee lift. This non-invasive skin-tightening treatment is only needed in one visit, and results in dramatic contouring and firming with a 100% response rate for wrinkles and 95% for skin elasticity without any fillers or toxins. Although we cannot stop the clock on aging skin, we can enjoy the advantages of technology like Profound. Maximize results from your anti-aging routine with a session at our office. Call today for details.